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Parent Involvement
is key

Parent involvement is key to preventing crashes among new drivers. Zero Fatalities Parent Night presentations help parents make a positive impact on their teen’s learning experience. For more than a decade, parents have given overwhelmingly positive reviews to these 60-minute presentations addressing some of the top behaviors teen drivers need to know. They help teens establish safe driving habits and remind parents to be better examples, so we can all reach our goal of Zero Fatalities.

Parent Night In-Person and virtual presentations

Upcoming Events

It’s easy to ignore a statistic, but when it comes to your own life or the life of a loved one, even one fatality is too many. To teach the importance of Zero Fatalities and how we can get there, we host many events throughout the year and all throughout the state for parents and students to attend together. Our hope is that after the presentation, it will encourage a discussion about the responsibility each driver has on the road.

In-Person Presentation Schedule

NOvember 2022

Mon. Nov 14
Pine View High School @ 5:30pm

Mon. Nov 14
 Brighton High School @ 6:00pm

Mon. Nov 14
Canyon View High School @ 7:00pm

Mon. Nov 14
Snow Canyon High School @ 7:00pm

Tue. Nov 15
Sky View High School @ 5:00pm

Wed. Nov 16
Launch High School @ 4:30pm

Wed. Nov 16
Spanish Fork High School @ 6:00pm

Mon. Nov 21
Roy High School @ 6:00pm

Mon. Nov 21
Desert Hills High School @ 6:00pm

Mon. Nov 21
Herriman High School @ 7:00pm

Tue. Nov 22
Hurricane High School @ 6:00pm

Tue. Nov 29
Ridgeline High School @ 6:00pm

Tue. Nov 29
Hillcrest High School @ 7:00pm

Wed. Nov 30
Farmington High School @ 6:00pm


Parents, once you’ve selected a date that works for you and your teen to participate in the LIVE virtual parent night together, simply click the date to register. After you register you’ll receive a confirmation email with step by step instructions to join the meeting. If you have any questions please email us at


  1. Students and parents/guardians need to turn on their cameras
  2. Only the host and moderator will be able to see everyone’s cameras. Participants will not be able to see each other’s camera or chats, so the virtual meeting will be less distracting
  3. A moderator will be monitoring the cameras to ensure both parties are attending. If both parties are not on screen together, students will be removed from the virtual meeting and will need to reschedule when both can attend a virtual or in-person meeting
  4. To get class credit for the virtual parent night: students and parents/guardians who attend at least 50 minutes of the presentation will receive a certificate of completion the following day. This certificate will be sent to the parent/guardian’s email used to register for the virtual meeting. If you join late or leave early, you WILL NOT receive the certificate and will need to register for another upcoming meeting
  5. To ensure you will be able to participate correctly, please make sure your Zoom is updated to the latest version before you launch the meeting. 



Please download the Parent Night Workbook to use during the virtual parent night. It’s not necessary to print the whole workbook before the presentation, but you’ll want to print the 2 note pages if possible. If not, have a note pad ready to take good notes.

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Did you know that approximately ¼ of all vehicles on Utah roads are large trucks? Nationally, over 75% of auto vs. truck crashes are caused by negligent driving on the part of the auto driver. By understanding just how massive these trucks are, how large their blind spots are, and how much room they need to operate and come to a stop, our roads and highways can be a much safer place for everyone.

Resources For Parents

Teen driving program

Learner permit safety

Utah's GDL Laws

Graduated driver licensing allows new drivers to learn driving skills over time and gain the experience needed to become safe drivers. Teens receive a “limited driver license” and have certain driving restrictions such as night-time driving, limitations on who can be in the vehicle with them and the amount of supervised driving time they must have before getting a full license. Watch these parents and teens answer questions about Utah’s Graduated Driver License laws. How would your answers compare?

Utah Driver Handbook 2021-22
Driving is a Serious Subject.
Study seriously


Parent GDL Flyer
Make a Difference in your
Teen’s Driving


Parent Night Workbook
Have your teen write down and then apply what they’ve learned

Editable   Non-Editable
Parent Night Workbook (Spanish)
Have your teen write down and then apply what they’ve learned

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The Parents’ Guide
Smart Teen Driving
You are the Key to Safety


Learner Permit Information
Everything you need to know to obtain your Learner Permit


Parent/Teen Driving Agreement
Set Clear Rules for your Teen Driver

Editable   Non-Editable
Parent/Teen Driving Agreement (Spanish)
Set Clear Rules for your Teen Driver

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