Heads up for Pedestrians

Everyone walks. Work, shop or play, your journey always begins and ends on foot. Even a single pedestrian fatality is too many for Utah. Be alert when you’re driving and be seen when you are a pedestrian. If we can share the road, we can reach our goal of Zero Fatalities.


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TIPS FOR Pedestrians

6 - 11


Is the most dangerous time for pedestrians


Get out of your vehicle on the interstate

Call 911 and ask for the non-emergency line for vehicle assistance

Be Alert.
Be Seen.

Obey all signs and signals

Walk facing the direction of traffic

No, these are just some of the myths surrounding pedestrian safety. Both pedestrians and drivers have the responsibility to ‘know the truth about the myths’ to avoid a pedestrian-related automobile accident. Know the myths, save a life!


Drivers have a responsibility to watch for pedestrians

And not just at intersections and crosswalks. Stay alert around schools and busy community centers.

Intersection Safety

Always stop before the white line and proceed only when the roadway is clear.

Watch for cars and pedestrians when turning right into a crosswalk

Speed Kills

Be extra careful when driving in residential areas. Slow down in neighborhoods and watch out for children at play.

@ 0 MPH
9 out of 10 pedestrians survive a crash
@ 0 MPH
5 out of 10 pedestrians survive a crash
@ 0 MPH
1 out of 10 pedestrians survive a crash